Morning Dew Earrings - Short

Morning Dew Earrings - Short

Inspired by nature, this earring is reminiscent of the morning dew on leaves of green plants as it coats every leaf. Its multilayered design makes it look very contemporary and suitable for any occasion.


Length: 3.8cm
Width: 1.8cm

Materials used: Plastic Bottles, Unwanted metal beads, Silver-plated Earring Hooks and Rhodium-plated metal accessory parts


*Do note that every accessory piece is handmade and the product might differ slightly from the display picture.
*Colour might also differ slightly on screen due to different colour resolution settings.
Handmade and designed by The Eco Gem! Follow us on Instagram @theecogem



    • Keep the earrings away from water, sharp objects, oil, fragrances and harsh chemicals.

    • Remove earrings before shower, swimming and applying perfume or lotions to prevent tarnishing

    • Specifically for Resin accessories: Store them in a cool place and away from extreme heat and direct sunlight for long periods of time


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